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Default Memories are a really big number

Well, I've returned to this forum, and in my absence I have acquired a new favorite song ever: Omoide wa Okku Sen Man (Memories are 110 Million). Who's heard of it? Who also listens to it? I am curious. And yes, I would have liked it even if I didn't know about the tune. I don't take songs just for affiliation. Although the X Japan version helps. That version in particular rocks exceedingly. Ignore the "Oxenman" subs, they lie.

Also, as per the question mark in my sig, I wish to ask about possible 5MRnR, since I have apparently forgotten about Axess altogether. (shifty eyes go here)
Currently in the works - Five Minute EXE Axess (indefinitely on hold for no reason), a bunch of random stories, Five Minute Starforce?
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