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Originally Posted by Zeke
I have a Who question too. I haven't been able to get my hands on the first two regular Tenth Doctor episodes, just the ones after. Are the first two standalone enough that I can go ahead and watch the others, or is it important that I see them first?
So you haven't seen New Earth or Tooth and Claw? The second one is pretty important as it sheds some light on the Torchwood canon that is to be used later on in the series (me thinks). The first one is just a further introduction to the Doctor's new personality following The Christmas Invasion.

If you have Bit Torrent, have you tried TorrentSpy? The search engine's a bit rubbish: if you type in "Who" you just get MP3s from the band; if you type in "Dr. Who" you get nothing, if you type in "Doctor Who", you get a few crappy results. I always try to type in the episode titles, that seems to work.

YouTube seems to have New Earth loaded up in small bits - I've managed to find a parts 2, 3, 4, and a "final part", but a part 1 might be on later pages. (Also a rubbish search engine in some cases). However it does seem to have an entire episode collection for Tooth and Claw. (Search results T&C and NE).

Hope this helps!

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