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[color=#000000ost_uid0]My favorite parts were

[quoteost_uid0]Crusher: Computer, viewscreen on.
Computer: Why?
Crusher: Because the truth is out there.
Computer: Very well -- viewscreen on. What does the truth look like?
Crusher: Disturbingly like the inside of a very large ping-pong ball.
Crusher: Does that mean that Ten-Forward is now the Restaurant at the End of The Universe?
Computer: Very well put.[/quoteost_uid0]
[quoteost_uid0]Doggett: Freeze, dirtbag!
Lukesh: By "freeze," do you mean "vanish into thin air and reappear behind me"?
Doggett: No, I mean --
Lukesh: (poof) Too late.
Follmer: The bullet that shot Doggett came from an FBI weapon, possibly belonging to someone in this room whose initials are M. R.
Reyes: But it couldn't have been me! I was with John when he was shot!
Scully: You really do have trouble with the concept of an alibi, don't you?
Reyes: There's only one possible explanation for this: a government conspiracy. No, wait, aliens. No, wait, super-soldiers. No, wait --
Doggett: (Parallel universes?)
Reyes: Of course! That explains everything! It's a government conspiracy to send super-soldiers to parallel universes to hide evidence of aliens!
Doggett: (Or you imagining things)
Reyes: Klingons do not imagine things!
Lukesh's Mother: And what's this score sheet that says "Lukesh 2, FBI 0"?
Lukesh: Here, let me update that. (writes on the sheet)
Lukesh's Mother: "Lukesh 3, FBI 0, Mom 0"? I don't underst-- GAK!
Reyes: A minor technicality. Do you have a better plan?
Skinner: Yes, but the ninjas won't be here until Tuesday.[/quoteost_uid0]

[quoteost_uid0]Zeke: But we're on a different world! And he might not even be a Sheriff on this world. He might just be some loser who practically lives on the internet and makes bad math jokes.[/quoteost_uid0]
:O [iost_uid0]OUCH![/iost_uid0] :lol:^3
[quoteost_uid0]Dean: Stop that. I ought to bring all four of you up on charges of battery for throwing that metal object at me.
Marc: Would those be positive or negative charges?

Great work, everyone! [/colorost_uid0]
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