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[quoteost_uid0="Zeke"][color=#000000ost_uid0]And how many damn times are we going to see a Starfleet officer steal a ship to prove some sort of point (and succeed without any lasting consequences)?[/colorost_uid0][/quoteost_uid0]
[color=#000000ost_uid0]Ah, but don't you see? This episode set the precedent for those other times. It's [iost_uid0]because[/iost_uid0] Archer and Robinson weren't punished here that no other Starfleet officer will get punished for doing virtually the same thing. See? This episode [iost_uid0]serves[/iost_uid0] continuity; it doesn't break it. [/colorost_uid0]
"Please, Aslan," said Lucy, "what do you call soon?"
"I call all times soon," said Aslan; and instantly he vanished away and Lucy was alone with the Magician.
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