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[color=#000000ost_uid0]Can you both like an episode and think it was dumb? I enjoyed "First Flight" enough, but it felt so much like been there, done that. The theme was borrowed from "Broken Bow," the framing technique from "Carbon Creek"; news of a loved one's death early in the episode was done as recently as "Horizon." And how many damn times are we going to see a Starfleet officer steal a ship to prove some sort of point (and succeed without any lasting consequences)?

[quoteost_uid0]I mean, Porthos. Speaking of which, where is the little guy?[/quoteost_uid0]

Oh, that. Don't worry about the dog. Also, don't eat the chili.[/colorost_uid0]
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[03:17] FiveMinZeke: Galactica clearly needs the advanced technology of scissors, which get around the whole "yanking on your follicles" problem.
[03:17] IJD: cylons can hack any blades working in conjunction
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