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[color=#000000ost_uid0]I thought this one was pretty good. Certainly we got a major dose of Phlox, and that's a good thing.

I agree about the rock-climbling scenes: it could have been covered in a shorter span of time, but the darkness of it all seems to be a recurring thing on ENT (think back to [iost_uid0]Fight or Flight[/iost_uid0] and [iost_uid0]Strange New World.[/iost_uid0] (I also recall reading a comment from RDM that at the end of scheduled shooting, the ep was about 4 min. short of the usual runtime, and addtional footage needed to be shot. Perhaps they added some more cliff-climbing stuff.)

Regarding the American Indians/blacks thought, maybe something older and more vicious and ingrained, like Turks/Armenians or the various Slavic groups in what used to be Yugoslavia -- something that's had several centuries to ferment and distill.

Can't say about the glommer. All I could see were the leaves sticking out of the cage.

On the Governor: didn't notice, was there a voice credit? Sounded like it could have been Hertzler.

[bost_uid0]Neo:[/bost_uid0] No, different actor. This was Henry Stram. Lon Suder in VOY was played by Brad Dourif, whom you may also have seen in [iost_uid0]LotR:TTT[/iost_uid0] as Wormtongue.

Other comment: Anyone else spot Starfleet's favorite destination, Vasquez Rocks?[/colorost_uid0]
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