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[quoteost_uid0="Derek"][color=#000000ost_uid0]Perhaps, but Kirk was only a Captain while Decker was a Commodore. Since a Commodore is actually a flag officer, I'd be more inclined to think the Constellation was the flagship than the Enterprise.

Then again, later Treks don't put flag officers on flagships, so what do I know?[/colorost_uid0][/quoteost_uid0]
[color=#000000ost_uid0]Hey, I don't know, either -- just playing games. We did have a few other Commodores in TOS, including a somewhat ineffectual one assigned to the [iost_uid0]Enterprise[/iost_uid0] in [iost_uid0]The Deadly Years[/iost_uid0], and one who was pretty cool, but turned out to be (more or less) fictitious (Mendez, in [iost_uid0]The Menagerie[/iost_uid0].)[/colorost_uid0]
Methinks Ted Sturgeon was too kind.

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