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This is a particularly good fiver.
Originally Posted by Nate the Great View Post
The Fiver

La Forge: Why are you so polite to our replicators?
Gomez: I called one of these things an overgrown toaster once and it never forgave me.

It seems like a sentence is missing.
Yeah, I think there used to be one more line.
It kept turning her orange juice blue (brownie points to the first to correctly identify which TOS novel I'm referencing!)

Are you sure you don't mean banana cream pie?

Picard: Why did you send this shuttle to the other side of the galaxy?
Q: I'm warming up for my next prank.

I get the Voyager reference, but the Caretaker isn't really similar enough to Q to pull this off.
I like the idea that the TV show was Q playing a prank on us.
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