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Default Help Needed Locating The Title Of A Book Please!

I am new to the 5MV forums, although I have been reading and enjoying 5MV for several years now. However, I have decided to post today because it is obvious that as a group of very intelligent peole interested in science fiction, you would be able to help me find the title or author of this book.

The book (or actually it could just be a short story, I actually don't know) is about a man who used to be a motorcyclist or was in a motorcycle accident, who was frozen and then reawakened in the future. In true science fiction fashion, the future is of course very different from what he was used to, specifically because a formula has been developed that eradicated all death from the world. The rest of the book is concerned with how the hero and everone else deals with a world without death. For example, people like the elderly have to volunteer for suicide etc.

Please tell me if you have any idea what the title or who the author of this book is. I would really really really appreciate it.
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