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October 2nd, 1989, "The Ensigns of Command"

No Fiver
Memory Alpha

The Episode

DATA: Captain. Doctor. I am honoured by your presence, but may I suggest you attend the second concert.
CRUSHER: Why, Data?
DATA: Ensign Ortiz will perform the violin part. My rendition will be less enjoyable.
DATA: Although I am technically proficient, according to my fellow performers, I lack soul.
CRUSHER: Data, telling us why you're going to fail before you make the attempt is never wise.
DATA: But is not honesty always the preferred choice?
PICARD: Excessive honesty can be disastrous, particularly in a commander.
DATA: Indeed?
PICARD: Knowing your limitations is one thing. Advertising them to a crew can damage your credibility as a leader.
DATA: Because you will lose their confidence?
CRUSHER: And you may begin to believe in those limitations yourself.

A good moral.

RIKER [OC]: Captain, we're receiving a message from the Sheliak Corporate.

Presumably the Sheliak are contacting the Enterprise because they're the closest ship to Tau Cygna. I have a few questions:
1. Why aren't they contacting Starfleet Command?
2. Did they really send ships to colonize without any current data about the planet? They really sent the main colonization fleet without an advance ship to evaluate the planet?

3. Of course the Enterprise is the best equipped to deal with this mission, particularly because of Data and Picard. Any other ship wouldn't be able to even CONTACT the surface in time, much less save them from the Sheliak. No doubt Starfleet Command would've sent the Enterprise anyway, but as written this seems like a wildly improbably coincidence, doesn't it?

WORF: Impossible to get an accurate reading. High levels of radiation are disrupting our sensors.
DATA: Hyperonic radiation also interferes with ship's transporters. They are now inoperable.
WORF: So are the ship's phasers.

If the hyperonic radiation can reach the Enterprise in orbit and muck with systems, why aren't people dying and why isn't the Enterprise moving to a safe distance?

PICARD: Mister Data, as you are unaffected by hyperonic radiation, I'd like you to go to the planet via shuttlecraft and commence evacuation procedures.

Data takes a shuttlepod, Very small. Even if Riker is correct and there's only a dozen survivors, how are they going to fit in the ship? And what about their luggage?

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