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The problem with the two of them getting engaged is that they're simply not at that stage in their relationship. They have spent a year or two dancing, avoiding, dodging, angsting, taking advantage, and never quite honestly communicating. In "Bound," even though T'Pol explains that they have a telepathic bond (which is supposed to be a marriage bond), both of them declare "it's no big deal." In "Demons," Trip says "Ah am sick and tired of this 'bond' we've got!" and T'Pol replies "I don't particularly enjoy it either." Now, does that sound like two people ready to get hitched, baby or not?

If these two were ever going to end up together, they would have needed at least a year of first declaring out loud that they were dating and going to try to make it work and then actually being honest and open in working on it. None of this "Oh, it's nothing" followed by a heartbroken look crap. They would actually have to talk, both of them, about what each of them feels, and admit to what's going on.

Without that, without the real give-and-take which makes up a pairing, Trip and T'Pol are just a writers' contrivance to get the actors nekkid. The conversation at the end of "Terra Prime" was beautiful, but it was between two close friends who had shared a terrible loss.

I really believe in words. What people say is extremely important. If she repeatedly says "It was an experiment in sexuality," then it doesn't matter if her heart is in her eyes. Yes, in "Bound" she says "I want you back." Okay, for what? For a bedbuddy? For a lap dog? Because she took every opportunity from the Morning After in "Harbinger" to the very end of "Divergence" to say over and over that they were only friends and colleagues and there was nothing more she wanted to or could pursue between them. Can you blame Trip for believing her?

Why would he propose to her right now? Whatever he offered over the last two years she threw back in his face. The moment he pulled away she'd yank him back, not to give him anything of herself but simply to keep him near her and away from someone else. That's adolescent behavior. It's not two adults in a mature relationship. And teenagers shouldn't be getting married.
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