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Originally Posted by persianmouse
And have no bones about it; As one of the Anonymous Donors of the $3 Million said "Saving Enterprise is saving Trek." It will be far too easy for Paramount to just walk away once ENT dies it's horrible, dissipointing death.
You see, now that's the one thing I have a problem with. Yes, it is sad that ENT is gone, but that does not mean it's the end of Trek. It is a large and profitable franchise, with (as TU has so ably proved) a very dedicated fanbase, and I just don't believe that Paramount would walk away from that for good any more than I believe George Lucas would walk away from Star Wars (although in both cases I think it's fair to say niether cares much about the fans themselves anymore). I think if anything the SaveEnterprise campaign will ensure that Trek will come back quicker that it might otherwise have - with such demonstrable interest in the franchise, even a network exec should be able to grasp that there's money to be made here yet.

Whovians have had to wait 16 years for their show to return to TV, but reappear it has; I don't think Trekkers will have to wait anything like that long.
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