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Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Nan
Whatever happened to Merlin Missy, btw?
She died. But we will never forget what she taught us: don't skip rope in the middle of a PK/Scarran firefight.

Actually, she's not only alive, she's on LiveJournal. We're still in touch, and every now and then I invite her to participate in some 5MV event or other. She hasn't been on a Farscape kick in a while -- JLU is her current squeeze -- but you never know.

(Speaking of never knowing... you like Farscape, Nan? I probably did know that, but forgot along the line. I'm glad to be reminded of it, particularly today.)

Originally Posted by Kira
Dude. A reality show. About models. That's just too easy.
There's also the fact that to do a real fiver of that show, you would have to watch it. I wouldn't last three minutes; I don't know how the TWoP people survive episode after episode and even write about them at length. I suppose the Five-Minute Survivor approach could work if someone felt like doing one, though.
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