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Default I know little about Stargate and less about Sg:Atlantis, but . . .

Originally Posted by Wowbagger View Post
Beckett: I am so afraid of this chair.
Weir: Great. We were just having problems coming up with B-plots. I’ll sign you up on chair duty for... how’s the rest of the season sound?
A bit wordy, perhaps, but far be it from me to quibble on those grounds.

Aibo #1: Bark! Bark! Bark! GAK!
O’Neill: Curmudge, curmudge, curmudge.
Sheppard: I find it foreboding how that Aibo is numbered.
Sheppard took the words right out of my mouth!

Lots of People: GOK!
Sheppard: Gok? Sounds Klingon.
Wraith: It’s a stand-in for GAK! we came up with for when somebody doesn’t really die, but is as good as dead, because they’re never getting any more screen time. Like when we beam them up. Like your Colonel Sumner here.
Sumner: GUK!
Sheppard: What the...?
Wraith: Don’t ask us.
A bit contrived, maybe, but far be it from me to quibble too much on those grounds . The pay-off is amusing enough for me.

And then the 'You GUKed, and now you scare us' bit and next couple of paragraphs or so were silly, too.
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