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Official answer: Unknown.

Actually, we know next to nothing about the Last Great Time War, but the facts as they stand revealed are:

1) The first act of the War (According to RTD) was the sending of the Doctor back in time to avert or alter the creation of the Daleks. (See "Genesis of the Daleks").

2) Some time later, the Daleks declared war.

3) The Doctor destroyed Skaro as part of the War (according to RTD, again).

4) The war ravaged causality.

5) Much of what happened in the Doctor's prime universe seems to have been undone (it can be surmised, anyway - Ravalox and so forth).

6) Other races were drawn in, but

7) The War was primarily between the Time Lords of Gallifrey and the Daleks.

8) The Autons were also involved.

9) The War was ended by the Doctor destroying both Gallifrey, the entire of the Time Lord race, and the entire Dalek race and fleet (drawn together from various sources).

10)The Doctor believes himself to be the last of his kind, and the TARDIS likewise.

11) The end of the Time War has meant that causality is much more immutable than it used to be.

At least, that's all I can think of. Russell T. Davies has also implied that the Last Great Time War is not related to the War In Heaven against the Unknown Enemy (and Faction Paradox).

Where and if Faction Paradox are involved is unknown, but due to the temporal nature of the war, the involvement of the inhabitants of the Eleven Day Empire seems likely.
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