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The War was never seen, in any of the Who shows. The last time who was around, the movie, they said nothing about a war between the time lords and Daleks. In fact, the Daleks were seen in the first part of the movie (Or heard). I'm guessing the war happened between the Doctors 8th (Paul McGann) and 9th (Eccleston) lives. He even talks about being in a new body in the first episode, so the war might have been why he regenerated.
The Master was supposed to have been killed in the doctor who movie. But I'm guessing he'll still be back.
There was another evil Time Lord(Or lady) called 'The Rani'. Bit of an evil old cow she was too.
Also one of the Doctors old companions Romana (another Time lady) left to stay in a another part of space called 'E-space' with the first K-9. I guessing she would still be alive, but the show hasn't spoken about her.
I'm certain the show will have other Time lords in it sooner or later.
Well, I mean I hope!
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