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Death: Of course! I wasn't that careless. Before handing it over, I cast an incantation to ensure that I could see through the cloak.

Dracula: It says here the owner used it to hide from you for his entire life.

Death: Yes, well...

Dracula: You actually phrased your incantation "see through the cloak", didn't you?

Death: Bloody literal magic..

Dracula: Uh huh. Have a drink and take some deep breaths.

(Somehow, Death does so. It calms him down.)

Dracula: Feel better?

Death: Yes. Thank you.

Dracula: Want a mop?

Death: Shut up.
Timing is the heart of comedy, or something like that. This is a well-timed punchline, is what I'm saying.

Dracula: I said I had two questions. I may be satisfied as to your self-control, but I still have doubts about your judgment.

Death: Yes, it has been getting pretty tepid reviews.
I'm guessing this dates the piece pretty accurately . . .

Death: When I'm done here, I am going to sickle-spam him like he won't believe.

I don't know much about Castlevania (or all that much about Harry Potter), but this is indeed very funny. Well done.
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