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Default October 31

Happy Hallowe'en! Yes, I know, latest Hallowe'en update ever. However, it's still Hallowe'en for those of us on SST. (Soon Standard Time. Thank you, Xeroc.)

Like last year, 5MV is celebrating this occasion with appropriate fivers. This year I thought it would be cool to do Trek's archetypal Hallowe'en episode -- "Catspaw." Derek Dean, with his usual disturbing speed, was able to five it on only a couple of days' notice. So with props to Derek, here's Five-Minute "Catspaw".

The second half of our spooky double feature is another creepy Classic Trek episode, this time parodied by the creepy-in-his-own-right Nic Corelli. Enjoy Five-Minute "Whom Gods Destroy"... OR ELSE.

And that's it for October. Come back tomorrow for 5MV's election coverage, and then Tuesday for still more Original Series material.

(Props to Nan for helping out with the -- have you clicked it yet? I'd better not say, then.)
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