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The short answer is, not at the moment.

So -- as you noted, according to "Dalek" and a later episode, there was a Time War between the Daleks and the Time Lords which is supposed to have destroyed both races. The implication is that the Doctor was deeply involved in these events and the Ninth Doctor feels responsible for the slaughter. This occurred off screen, between the events of the movie and "Rose," and *may* have caused his regeneration into the Ninth Doctor (nothing canonical is known about this regeneration). Anyway there is a loooot of stuff that has not yet been revealed about the Time War, I'm thinking, especially the precise nature of the Doctor's role and how all the Time Lords got killed. (Maybe the Doctor just thinks they were!)

The Time War had vast repurcussions across space and time (marooning the Gelth, for example). In a new series two episode the Doctor says he "could stop the war" if he had the power being offered him, which leads some to think the Time War is still ongoing. I think it's a lot more likely that the Doctor means he would try to reverse the annihilation of the Time Lords if he could.

However, considering we have Daleks surviving the Time War after all, both isolated escapees ("Dalek") and ... other things, it seems likely as Burt said that random Time Lords will resurface, perhaps even a government in exile. Will this happen? Probably not for a long time. The producers of the new series are getting a lot of mileage out of the Doctor being alone and unique in the universe, the last Time Lord. They're not stupid enough to muck that up anytime soon.

There *are* three Time Lords other than the Doctor from the classic series that are certain to have been off of Gallifrey at the time of the Time War: Romana (last seen wandering around E-Space), the Master (last seen in the movie), and the Rani (last seen in "Time and the Rani," assuming you don't count the charity special "Dimensions in Time"). And yeah, the Master "died" in the movie, but then he "died" in "Planet of Fire" too. Actually he's more likely to have survived what we see in the movie -- he's just sucked into the Eye of Harmony, so maybe the Eye just sort of put him on ice. There's some speculation that the Master is the classic villain to be resurrected in series three, after the Daleks and the Cybermen. But that's just speculation.

I think a lot of fans feel that the Gallifrey stuff was great but it also took away a lot of the mystery about the character of the Doctor, starting from when it first came up at the end of the Second Doctor's time. I think Russell Davies and the others are in sync with that feeling -- that's probably why they killed off Gallifrey in the first place.
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