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Originally Posted by Infinite Improbability View Post
To reconcile the NX-01 into canon requires way more than one-step rationalization.
It requires no rationalization, whatsoever.

Originally Posted by Scooter View Post
I think the lack of placement of the NX-01 in the rec room in TMP can be easily explained by the fact that the movie was made several years before the NX-01 was developed for Enterprise.

No really, that's the explanation.

Originally Posted by Derek View Post
...OR "All these ships were named Enterprise" is not the same things as "These were all the ships named Enterprise."
Also bingo.

Originally Posted by Infinite Improbability View Post
2. Set the prequel show on the Daedalus!
Come on, Star Trek: Daedalus, it has a cool ring to it, doesn't it?
Nope. No, thanks.

Please, no Daedalus. The only way I can see that ship working is as one of a large class of workhorse vessels constructed quickly and cheaply for the Earth-Romulan war, much as the Liberty and Victory ships were during WWII: strictly non-glamo[u]r, non-starring-role, "get the grunt-work done in an unobtrusive way" sort of ships. You'd see them in passing or in the background, but that's about all.

...the Daedalus looks cooler and more consistent than the NX-01.
Nope. Not even close.
Methinks Ted Sturgeon was too kind.

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