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[color=#000000ost_uid0]Halfway through our celebrations, here's today's material:
    [*]Derek Dean brings us the next DS9 Mirror Universe episode with Five-Minute "Shattered Mirror"[*]Marc Richard also makes a contribution in his own section with Five-Minute "Remember Me"[*]One of my favorite [iost_uid0]X-Files[/iost_uid0] episodes happens to have an A/U theme, so here's Five-Minute "4-D", by me[*]And finally, our newest staff member tries his hand at our feature with Sleapers, part 4. Come to think of it, Derek's stand-alone tendency for bad puns means it's probably a good thing we didn't try to have a guess-the-author contest this year...[*]Speaking of last year's constest, now seems as good a time as any to announce what we've devised this year. It's not a contest, per say -- more like a game. Firstly, there is at one cameo per part by a guest author or a forumgoer. Some of the cameos are much better hidden than others, and I doubt any one forumgoer would be able to guess them all without putting their heads together with at least one other person. (You're welcome to try.) This isn't an official contest, just something to entertain you in the forums. (So don't bother emailing your guesses to any of us.) Secondly, in part 1, IJD mentions that we've been to at least thirty worlds, by his count. Well, we've dropped subtle and not-so-subtle references to places we've "sleaped" to throughout each part so you can try counting (and listing) all the worlds. I'm curious to see whether anybody can get them all. Hopefully you'll all have as much fun figuring these things out as we had putting them in.[/list][/colorost_uid0]
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