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And now, a few notes I wrote up but forgot to post.
  • I really did randomize the order. BLG also makes a lot of randomized lists -- a point she sometimes has to stress when convenient pairs crop up, like Trip->Archer here.

  • "Lean and hungry look" is from Julius Caesar.

  • The main reason for the sidebar about how Secret Santa is played is that BLG plays it the other way. Me, I'm with Archer.

  • Shatner really did that!

  • The one 5ME reference you really have to know here is Shran's cover story. Minor running jokes include Xindi liking Star Wars and people calling things "meaty".

  • A data module looks like this. Hat tip to Wowbagger for helping me work out the ENT equivalent of isolinear chips.

  • I tend to treat VOY references as the common language of this site (a consequence of its origins). But with the show now 16 to 23 years old, new readers probably miss some of that stuff -- so for the record, compression phaser rifles were Janeway's weapon of choice (she famously tells Tuvok to break them out in the pilot). One of Jim's running jokes at Delta Blues was Betsy, Janeway's personal rifle.

  • Speaking of running jokes, the fweep creature is one of BLG's. It was created by Aizen Sousuke, the main villain of Bleach, in this list. BLG has left its actual appearance completely up to the reader -- if you google it you'll find lots of different sketches.

  • It's no accident that Trip had a wacky shirt lying around.

  • I discovered while writing the T'Pol/Dolim scene that "eat the book" is actually a Jewish and Christian expression meaning to deeply study and (sorry) digest the material. It comes from two Biblical incidents where God tells a prophet to eat a scroll (Ezekiel) or book (John the Divine). They both found the taste sweet. God likes doing callbacks like that.

  • I've halfway explained the disclaimer already. The other half is that Aizen is the master planner to end all master planners -- or at least claims he is. In one notorious scene he took credit for basically everything that ever happened to the main character and his friends.

Finally, re: above Phlox discussion, you guys know where I stand on him. (On the off chance you don't, I will never, ever let "Dear Doctor" go, and it terrifies me that so many reviewers agreed with him, including some friends of mine.) What's particularly interesting here, though, is that we're talking about this in a Bleach-related thread. That series includes a character who basically is the fiver version of Phlox: Mayuri Kurotsuchi, a gleeful mad scientist who never met an experiment he didn't like. He can be Doctor Who one moment and Mengele the next. And yet he's a Captain in Soul Society, the main group of good guys! The reason this sort of almost makes sense is that Soul Society has weird morality in general -- not evil, but weird -- and Mayuri is a super-genius that they couldn't really do without. Those of us with regular human morality would never be able to condone him, but he's fascinating, and Kubo Tite clearly loves writing (and drawing) him as much as I love writing Phlox.
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