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Default June 24: Tenth Anniversary Week begins!

Ladies, gentlemen, zombies, aliens, vampires, and robots... this site is now ten years old.

Okay, technically we turned 10 earlier this month, but I've long since lost track of the exact date. We used June 24 for the second-anniversary event, so I figured we'd use it for this one too. The important thing is, back in June 2000 (whoa), or roughly ten years ago (yikes), when I was ten years younger (not really, right?), I created a little something called Five-Minute Voyager. We've had our ups and downs, but most sites don't last nearly this long.

Naturally, that calls for a celebration. We're taking this one a bit slower than past events -- it'll be just one item most days, not an orgy of content like AU Week or something. But that content will be worthy of the occasion, with plenty of new material from me (including some that's long-awaited), and more from the staff and other contributors. What's more, by the time the event is over, things will look quite a bit different around here. I call it all Tenth Anniversary Week.

What, no theme? Ten is the theme. The word ten, the number 10, the numeral X, whatever. All of the "week"'s content fits this theme in some way. Mostly. I mean, sorta. Occasionally it requires some... well, you'll see.

Now let's get to the opening round!
  • It wouldn't be an anniversary event without a panel discussion, so we staffers have come together for the first new one in four years! But how many of us will come out alive... from Ten Little Comedians?
  • Today we've also got Live Long and Oops, a short Trek XI-related piece I wrote a while ago which now finds its proper home at

Be here tomorrow when the celebration conTENues!

...Sorry, I won't do that again.
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