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Chef: (pets him)

T'Pol: Next time let's tell the random number generator not to do that.

Archer: Oh, come on, it was cute.
hee hee hee

Forrest: I've told you before, and now you can't deny it.

Forrest: We have logic on Earth.

Soval: LIES!
I wish we'd had webisodes of just those two bickering. Actually I could have gone for many webisodes of ENT characters bickering, particularly Trip and Malcolm.

I loved the entire bit with Silik and Reed; too long to quote.

Reed: Just a big box of antimatter.


Tucker: Malcolm, I have never liked you better than I do right now.
::falls to the ground weeping with laughter:: I am SO glad someone remembers the actual interactions the characters had and how they might not be willing to hit the Reset Button every week.

I'd actually managed to make myself forget about "Bound." I consider the Mirror eps to be the end of ENT and I ignore everything after that.
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