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Default April 1

You know that cancellation problem I was talking about yesterday? I've solved it -- by creating a monster. Welcome to Zombie!

See, here's my reasoning. Shows that are cancelled are basically dead. Now if there's one thing I've learned from horror movies, it's that any idiot can bring back the dead, just not in any way they'll like. But that would be the case anyway, because what show would want to be resurrected on the internet instead of TV? It fits like a glove, I tell you.

This is the answer to all our problems. When a good show is cancelled, we just bring it back as a zombie here at It gets a new lease on a shambling mockery of life, we get to watch it shamble, and if the occasional viewer's brain is eaten, we'll still be doing better than reality shows, right? Best of all, I already have a head start with the VVS8 and 9 fivers!

So keep watching the front page, because more of those links will start lighting up. Until then, BRAAAAIIINS!

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