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Default 5MXL: Five-Minute "The First Two Deaths"

If you've been visiting 5MV's Facebook page, or some of the threads here, you know I haven't been completely silent this year. (If you haven't been visiting, start now! The FB page is public -- you don't have to become a member or anything.) However, there hasn't yet been an update in the classic sense, and I have just enough time to correct that before the year is up. Luckily, I have a couple of things that are finished but that I haven't got around to posting yet. Here's one of them: Five-Minute "The First Two Deaths", the first Excelsior fiver of Season 2.

More shortly. Shortlier than you may think! As I said, this is one of the things I'm late posting...

[ED: To broaden the audience for a couple of the jokes, Season 2 of XL carries the overall title "Murder in the Blue Morgue", and the episode after this one is "The Investigation".]
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