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[color=#000000ost_uid0]All the fivers are wonderful. My very favorite bits out of them were

[quoteost_uid0]Sisko: Judging from your outfit, it's a place with a ghastly sense of fashion.
Mirror O'Brien: Our clothes fit our personalities just fine.
Sisko: I was afraid of that.
Mirror Garak: Bad news, Intendant. No matter how much I flog the slaves, their morale refuses to improve.
Mirror Mira: ...
Mirror Garak: (nodding) Shall I put another notch in your belt on my way out?
Mirror Kira: It's over there somewhere with the rest of my clothes.[/quoteost_uid0]

[quoteost_uid0]Riker: So Data's my first officer now?
B4: Actually, I'm not Data.
Riker: Sure, whatever.
Tomalak: So what didn't strike a chord? We figured you'd waltz right through our simulated future.
Riker: It was Minuet who made me face the music.
Tomalak: But we chose a love interest who was canon.
Riker: Too bad she was just a jazzed up hologram.[/quoteost_uid0]

[quoteost_uid0]Kawalsky: Jaffa? DIEDIEDIE!
AltAltCarter: Ooooh, freaky hair.
Carter: We probably succeeded because we're different from the people in your universe. Those slight differences may have help--
AltAltCarter: So you're better than we are, are you? Is that it?
Carter: I didn't mean--
AltAltCarter: Bite me.
Carter: What just happened?
O'Neill: I have a vague suspicion she doesn't deal with the chronic whumping as well as you do.
Shippers: [swoon]
Nan: [iost_uid0]Gahh![/iost_uid0][/quoteost_uid0]

The Sleapers installment was really silly too.
[quoteost_uid0]Marc: You call that a plan?
IJD: I don't remember you complaining on the wizard world.
Marc: You had turned me into a ferret.[/quoteost_uid0]
I'm still trying to picture that. :lol:

And a thoroughly funny Top Ten list, too! What a great update! :lol: Â :bigsmile:[/colorost_uid0]
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