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I don't think it was Comic-Con 2010, maybe the TCA? when Braga stood up in front of what was potentially his friendliest possible audience and got the grandfather paradox question, he shook his head in disbelief and complained, "No, we didn't figure that part out yet! You're nitpicking like this is Star Trek! Can't you just watch the show?"
If you watch the commentary track on the Generations DVD, there's a comment that shows that Berman and Braga have absolutely no idea how fandom thinks. I understand that SF TV is a niche market, and that the success of a TV show is measured in total eyeballs by the networks, and you have to try and get it to appeal at least somewhat to the mainstream audience to keep it on the air. However, SF fans are a breed apart from people who watch Home Improvement or Dancing With The Stars or Obnoxious Reality Show #47, and alienating them will ensure that nobody will watch your show.
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