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Default October 3: TJI Brief #7

So who's been checking out Terra Nova? I've been looking forward to this show since it was announced last year; the biggest name attached to it is Stephen Spielberg, but the one that got my attention was Brannon Braga, who's the showrunner. (Ironically, he recently mentioned that "Terra Nova" was his least favourite ENT episode.) Good Trek fans will recognize another of the producers, René Echevarria, and David Fury of Whedonverse fame was involved for a while. So far I'm cautiously optimistic -- the pilot was amazing.

Or was it? Not according to This Just In! Back when the show was first announced, I had an idea for a TJIB and even wrote most of it, but never came back to it. Now that the show's on the air, I decided to finish off the article. The premise is now just a wee bit impossible, so pretend you're reading it last year. Here's Terra Nova pre-cancelled.

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