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Riker was of course quoting from the New Revised Federation Version, which has been carefully edited to modernize the language and also remove anything judgmental or problematic. This is the only thing Jesus says in it.

Originally Posted by evay View Post
How is dear Unca Jim? I've been rewatching the odd VOY ep on Amazon Prime and I tend to recall his recaps along with the episode as it unspools, which is highly entertaining.
Oh, he's fine aside from this recent illness. We talk quite often on Facebook (which I may have mentioned now has a 5MV page which you should SERIOUSLY LOOK AT COME ON).

And yeah, nothing quite completes a VOY viewing like reading his synopses. (Completes or even substitutes for. There are a few episodes which to this day I haven't seen, but I still feel like I have.) I fondly recall waiting for each new review to come out. To a kid who didn't understand why the rest of the internet seemed to hate Voyager, Jim was welcome reinforcement. More than that, he was to VOY reviewers what Batman Begins was to superhero films -- the one that took the subject seriously, and by doing so, proved that it deserved it.

If I had to pick a favourite Delta Blues review, it would be "Scorpion II", which not only came after a very long summer for Trek fans, but had several predictions from the first part's review to follow up on. Jim addressed all the major points and analyzed Janeway and Chakotay's actions in detail, but at the end he asked something I never would have thought was a separate question: was the episode any good? I was still young (15!) and felt like an episode with that much to chew on was necessarily a good episode. That review taught me the importance of not just succeeding, but succeeding on the right level.

(Second favourite would be "Year of Hell II", where he gets really mad at Paris despite agreeing with him, and then returns to the intro scene in a particularly moving way. As a chaser, his "brother Tito" also reviews the episode -- I won't spoil the joke if you haven't read it, but suffice to say it's short.)

ETA hey, when did you change member titles?
Just a week or so ago. I was inspired to change Nate's by an incident in Misc and then I did the rest while I was in there. Personally, I don't feel like I'm quite done with arm blades, but by now the rest of you probably are.

Originally Posted by Nate
The first incarnation? I jumped aboard during the 3Sygma days, and that was the second incarnation, right?
Yep. The first was on Angelfire, made using their WYSIWYG editor (though I learned HTML and switched to hand-coding pretty quickly). Most of the free hosting services from back then are gone now -- Geocities was probably the biggest -- but Angelfire's still around, and I've even used the old site as a backup on occasion when this site's been down. I can still type the url really fast.

Gremlin: Cute. But for the record, we're talking about evolution here, not a string of failures. Your Bulbasaur does not sink into the swamp when it becomes an Ivysaur.
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