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Hey guys, I just want to let you know I appreciate you reading esoteric stuff like this -- I know it's not exactly what you come here for. Over the years, has gone from strictly Trek to a collection of everything I feel like making jokes about. I'd probably write this stuff anyway, but it's great to have an audience even when I'm being random. (Also, I was starting to wonder if anyone had noticed I was updating again.)

Originally Posted by NAHTMMM View Post
I'm guessing this dates the piece pretty accurately . . .
Perhaps even more accurately than you think -- Death isn't referring to the book this time. It's a sneaky reference. When I wrote this, the game Castlevania Judgment had just come out and was getting tepid reviews. (It's a fighting game for Wii with bizarre art design. While reasonably fun, it's very atypical of the series.)
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