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When I was little, I wasn't allowed to read this one. Having read it now just recently, I can't figure out why not.

Not my favorite, but one I'm very fond of nonetheless. And well-fived. Favorite lines:

Standard dating techniques yield erratic results. The rock may have been created at any point from one Redshirt half-life ago to long before Strom Thurmond was born.
I declare this strange little rock to be the “Ko N'ya”, “Devil's Heart”, “Mithrandir”, “Catamount”, and all its other names.
And also, when Diat said:

Diat Manja: T'Sara found the Gem! I must see to it that everyone recognizes her achievement!
I fully expected it to be followed by the line:

XBox LIVE: *Achievement Unlocked - Ko N'ya Owner*
I really enjoy these. Keep 'em up!
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