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Relena: How do you do? I'm the Vice Foreign Minister of the Earth Sphere Unified Nation.
Ambassador: I'm glad to meet you. Please have some tea. I have so many questions for you. Like: why does a one world government need a foreign minister?
Relena: I've wondered that myself. By the way, this tea isn't drugged, is it?
Ambassador: Maybe a little.

Mariemaia: (over planet-wide television) I'm declaring myself Queen of the World. My colony of X18999 is rebelling against Earth. We're mainly upset about being given such a stupid name
Sounds totally justified to me.

Duo: Well, don't worry about us; we'll be fine. But feel free to try to intercept the garbage scow on its way to the sun if you want to.
Quatre: Good idea. Quatre out.
Duo: I wonder if he thought I was being serious.

Mariemaia: You turned evil whenever you wore those glasses.
Une: I think there was something wrong with the prescription.
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