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Okay, I should have seen that one coming and didn't, which makes it even funnier.
That was my response, except with more screaming.

Scooter: The fact there's still only five us still bothers me.

Derek: Well, there are ten of us in base 5.

Zeke: And a HUNDRED of us in base square root of 5.

Sa'ar: A hundred? There's no way they can kill us all off!
Hah! I'll pretend I know what that means!

Sa'ar: Besides, the UK isn't on the euro.
I'd just like to say that this little piece of know-it-all showoffishness is completely in character for me.

Chaff: Hey, I'm an expert on a show where robots and humans can have viable offspring. What would I know about any of that?

Sa'ar: I think I tried defenestrating the wrong guy.
*snigger* I don't get to do enough defenestrating.

Zeke: You know, it just occurred to me that there haven't been any more deaths since the butler. We may be able to all make it out alive.

Other Staffers: Zeke!

Zeke: What?

IJD: You just jinxed us!
You idiot! You changed the odds by mentioning them! We're dealing with Heisenberg Probability, obviously.

Zeke: (pulling a paper out from under the farmer) Hey look. He bought the farm!
This needed quoting again. Urge to kill: rising.

Derek: Man, I love those movies. Like Back to the Future I and Back to the Future II and... and...

Martin: Back to the Future III?

Derek: YES! That one!
Hah! That earned a full guffaw the first time I read it.

Sa'ar: It doesn't matter. It wasn't me!
The gun is missing! Whoever has the gun shot the girl!

No, wait.

Kriegsgräber: Enough! I've had enough of your inanity! Clearly you are just playing the fools to distract us from the fact that you have masterminded this whole situation and are killing us off one by one!

Zeke: Now that is just an outright lie!
Yeah! We aren't playing at anything!

Nice job, Derek.
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