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Administrator: Quit nitpicking or I will fire you!
Administrator: Quit nitpicking or I'll fire you!

See the difference, actually...

Administrator: Quit nitpicking or I'll fire you and break your flute!
Kamin: Waaaaaa!

Yeah, yeah, I know, Picard would never whine. It's a fun mental image, though.

"Yeah, right..." implies a pause, as though Picard is casually tossing it off as he turns back from the screen to Riker. "Yeah right" is more of a bark, as Picard still looks at the screen.

See, dicers serve a purpose! "In my dreams" immediately brought me to the Nexus, which is a dream world by definition. I suppose Picard COULD dream of Beverly in his real dreams, but somehow I would think that he'd be disciplined enough not to lust after his best friend's wife even in his dreams. Then again, I wouldn't put it past his to subconsciously transmogrify Beverly into that Nexus wife as a way of figuratively having his cake and eat it too, without feelings of guilt. How's THAT for psychiatry?

The insane elected officials business is probably an amalgam of several influences, including the hefty pensions that even unsucessful Presidents get.
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