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Great One NAHTMMM!

Favorite Parts:

Data: Interesting. This information comes at an excellent time, because this story looks like it is going to be a "yawner". I shall try out this "theme song" concept.
Captain’s Log: Unfortunately, Data’s drivel and our ridiculing the plot will take up so much room, we won’t get to Troi’s hallucinations or Worf getting drunk on tranya and passing out like the wimpy loser he is. …Oh, by the way, Crichton and his pals have abducted me, and those eyes are floating around the ship.
Crichton’s Personal Log: Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve gone OCD again. This time, it’s manifesting as an almost uncontrollable urge to eat crack. Ers.
Crichton: “Red Sox and Cubs share World Series title” and “Weapons of mass destruction found in Saddam’s palace”? In the same broadcast? …Mr. Ferris, you da man!
Ferris: No, you da man!
Picard: You regularly purge all thoughts you consider imaginative or inaccurate from people's minds?
Crichton: If it helps, think of it as a modern "flashy thingy".
Guard: (bursting into Crichton’s office) Sir, the prisoners are escaping!
Crichton: Crunch crunch…Excuse me, I missed the part where you explained how that is more important than eating these crack. Ers.
Guard: Sir?
Crichton: Hey, they aren’t going to eat themselves, you know.
(The Enterprise warps off at Ludicrous Speed. –Arrrrgh, that's impossible! Lies! All lies!…)
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