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and really weird organisms that practically destroy the ship in their fervent desire to communicate

“In 2314 we took a little trip, along with Captain Picard in a super-duper ship. We took some torps and phasers and the best of Starfleet’s crew, but those backward Rampart losers went and beat us black-and-blue. We tried to fire, but those nasty eyes just nuked us. There weren’t as many redshirts as there were a while ago—"
8) :lol:

Technician: It isn’t just the OS. This guy actually uses vacuum tubes

Data: Captain, Commander Riker, I suggest that you plug your ears. I shall defend us by reciting the work of a forgotten twentieth-century performer known as "Celine Dion".
:twisted: >
Vulcan children are never late with their Sehlat's dinner
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