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Default June 19: Five-Second SAW

Preparations for the 10th-anniversary event are in full swing (it starts on the 24th -- be here!). In the meantime, since the new stuff is being saved, I'm going to post a few things that are slightly used. Now and then over the past year, I wrote bits and pieces that couldn't go on yet; instead I posted them at my LJ and such. Now that the anime event is over, I can bring them here.

Remember Five-Second Voyager? It was the '05 April Fool's event; there's a summary on the Features page. I've always said I might come back to that, and last year I got just the right inspiration. This time the target is a horror series which is surprisingly intelligent, but has developed certain clichés.

Five-Second SAW. Read or not? Make your choice.

(Those who read this on my LJ will find that VI is covered now. And by the way, I don't recommend these movies per se. I love the mind games, but watching Jigsaw's traps play out is not fun, and takes a strong stomach. Don't show your six-year-old and then blame me.)
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