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Unfortunately, "The Satan Pit" was rather an anticlimax (at least, I felt so...)

Originally Posted by Sa'ar Chasm
Are the Daleks robots, or are there supposed to be lifeforms inside the pepperpots? I caught a few First Doctor episodes on YTV way back when, and I remember seeing the Doctor flip back the cupola of one and amuse himself playing with the toilet plunger. In real world terms, he was playing in the prop, but as far as the Doctorverse goes, just what was he doing? Occupying an empty shell while the bioform was elsewhere, or did he scoop out the mechanical guts and brain in order to hide in it?

Am I making myself perfectly clear?
Ahh, no, that was just the exterior, which was in a museum in a parallel universe (the TARDIS jumped a time track, IIRC). The story is called "The Space Museum" for the record, and there are some very amusing interrogation scenes.

@Z: The first two eps were a bit weak, IMO. Certainly compared to the rest of this season.
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