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Originally Posted by e of pi
I once handed in this essay for an assignment to write about our impact on the enviroment:
Rob Davidoff
Mr. Gillum
Period 7 Biology
10 November 2005

The Relationship between Man and Nature in the United States
The first thing I noticed was that you actually seem to know how to head your paper in proper MLA format. I am such a teacher.

Okay, something else to add to the conversation with a student (same initial, but a different kid). (Sorry, most of my stuff is verbal communication rather than written.)

Students were working on skits. C came up to me and said, "Okay, this is going to be a weird question, but which way is west in this room?"

Me: (not wanting to take the time to figure out when the sun is where) "I have no idea, sorry."

C: "Oh, that's okay. Wait - do you know which way is north?"
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