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I've made a few changes to the system. Most are minor or transparent to the end user, but I figured I'd document a few of the exciting ones:

1. Now when you sort your personal page by column, it's remembered. So if you prefer it sorted by series instead of the default (date called), then once you click it, it will remember it.

2. On the Settings page, you can now choose one of two stylesheets for the site. The first is the Default that the site is already colored. The second is called "" and it's my best attempt at trying to color everything the way the site colors stuff (red, black and gray).

3. I've made the stats page publicly available, with the exception that any fiver that doesn't have a published date assigned to it won't be seen publicly. So now if people want to see my stats according to my own site (only covering 5MD, 5MSV, and 5MB5), they can click: Anyone else who'd like to publicize his or her stats just needs to replace Derek with his or her own alias according to the site (alias being your login name).
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