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Default T10: List #110

Happy Leap Day, and welcome to our first 2020 update! If you remember the T100 list from 2010, one of the regrets I mentioned was letting two Leap Days pass without doing a Quantum Leap fiver. There have been two more since then; this is the third, and I was determined not to miss it.

And okay, I did, though not for lack of trying. But when I realized I wouldn't make it, I decided to go with a nice easy Top 10 list instead. Or at least it was supposed to be easy -- but the list proved impossible to hold down to 10 entries. I just love this show too much. So for only the third time ever, I'm increasing the count!

At long last, here's this site's first real Quantum Leap content -- not to mention the first T10 update in seven years. List #110: The Top 20 Signs That Your Girlfriend Has Been Quantum-Leapt Into By Sam Beckett!

And by the way, know what I remembered later? That fiver may have missed the bullseye, but there's a larger target. The next ten months are still a Leap Year...
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