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60 Minutes: because that would be a bit too meta even for me

Oh, and I approve of the use of "smug" as a verb.

I liked the "The Top 10 People I Wish I Could Get to Write a Fiver" list. Someone could probably run with that idea.

The Top 10 Signs That Your Girlfriend is a Top 10 List (see list #4 below)
*Snerk* followed by "Oh dear . . ."

Letting not one but two Leap Days pass without a Quantum Leap fiver
I was kinda surprised KJ didn't mention that show in the survey.

[edit] I have just been informed that she did indeed mention that show. Shows how well I keep track of things.

"Top 10 Outtakes" was my favorite, with the Community list probably in second. (And not because I somehow was in two items.) And Hooray! for more of the "Minutemen" panel thing.

Sa'ar's a soprano

"IJD GAF" really stands for "Now A Hot Topic: Money-Making Moths"

Derek has actually never watched Deep Space Nine -- he's just that good
I believe it

NAHTMMM and Katy Jane are married (Seriously! And it's KJ's birthday!)
Wheee! KJ hadn't seen that thread before she read that list, so that was a nice little extra surprise for her.

I embrace the reboot craze, delete everything on the site, and make a new Five-Minute "Caretaker" where Voyager blows up
At first glance I thought that was "robot craze". Then I tried to figure out what the last part had to do with BSG.

And the number one thing to look forward to in the next ten years...

1. Good things in small packages
Cheers to that!
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