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Sulu's Log: Yawn. If this is what command is like, count me out. I hope the away team isn't having all kinds of fun without me.

Kirk: Those must be the functions of this base! Your "lungs" are venting air, your "nerves" are powering machinery...
Scotty: Sorry to interrupt, but we should get rid of these pain belts. Is there a waste disposal around here?
Kirk and Spock: ...
Scotty: *snort* Okay, I did that on purpose.
Took me a minute to get this, but it was worth the wait.

Kirk: Nonsense. You'll just need to climb up the long ladder to the surface and build a new civilization by breeding with the men. I'll help.
Kara: With the civilization part, you mean?
Kirk: (Damn.)
*snerk* Kirk will never not be dumb and horny.

Nice to see you back in form.
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