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Zeke 06-27-2010 06:58 PM

June 27: 10LC Part 2 (XAW, Day 3)
Time for <b><a href="../features/tenlittlecomedians2.php">Ten Little Comedians, Part 2</a></b>, also by me. What are we doing in the house? Who invited us? Why are we locked in? This part will answer... well, one of those questions, but answering them all now would be no fun!

Two other notes: first, since I've been pushing midnight with these updates, I've skipped the 26th for honesty's sake. Second, I sent out a mass forum email announcing the tenth anniversary, and I am stunned and delighted by how many past members are showing up. I've even restarted the legendary <a href="">Topic Title</a> in celebration. Come join the party!

Derek 06-28-2010 01:15 AM


IJD: "...expertise on Deep Space Nine and Smallville."

Derek: It's just not fair.
It really isn't.


Sa'ar: Strange... I wonder if the difference is significant.

Scooter: It must be. We've spent all these lines establishing it.

That's the problem with real life. There aren't obvious sidebars setting up later events. Or if there are, we don't know we need to pay attention to them.


Farmer: It's a good living. There are downsides, of course... the hard work, the smell, the risk of certain medical conditions...

Scooter: Lactic acid buildup?

Farmer: Pasture eyes.


Melissa: Anime! I love it! I've watched the entire run of Ranma 1/2 six times!
According to my math, that's the same as watching Ranma three times.

Great panel, Zeke.

Sa'ar Chasm 06-28-2010 02:21 AM


Zeke: I think I'll get you some Kool-Aid.

Chaff: But I --

Zeke: And then we can talk some more about BSG while you drink the Kool-Aid.


Scooter: Sorry. Monty Python.

Farmer: You mean those British guys?

Scooter: ...Yes.
OK, that guy needs to die. I don't care about the rest of them, but he needs to go.


(Smythe starts turning purple. Sa'ar grins. This is a new record.)
"I've got a degree in homeopathic medicine!"
"You've got a degree in baloney!"


Reporter: Hey! Did you say Zeke? That dsokdpach stiffed me on a half-million-dollar hush payment!
Zeke, at some point you have to pronounce this word for me. It makes my eyes water every time I read it.


Kriegsgräber: We found his body a moment ago! He had been stabbed with his own serving tray!


Zeke: Wait, stabbed?
Hmm, I wonder if this will be significant later on.

Probably not.


Nicely done. I pity the poor sods who have to follow tha--oh.

Tate 06-28-2010 05:09 AM


Derek: Oh? Uh, just like yours, of course.

Scooter: Why do you sound hesitant?


Derek: I'm not hesitant.


Derek: Wait a minute. You're not that reporter, are you?

Reporter: That reporter? No.
I remember that reporter. But obviously he's not this reporter.


Smythe: So that was pretty hard on my reputation, but I've come back from it now. My recent work on the size of the Andromeda galaxy was well-received.

Sa'ar: It must be exciting to work in astrology.

Smythe: Astronomy.
This scene was very funny when I thought Smythe was just an original character for this feature. Then I ran across a few old TJIs... Astoundingly, the scene is even funnier now that I have an idea exactly what it was that was hard on Smythe's reputation. :)


Zeke: Guys, you know how Copernicus proved that everything in our solar system revolves around the sun?

Sa'ar: Yeah...

Zeke: I think I know how the sun felt.
My guess is that the sun felt that it was pretty hot. You might even say it felt lighter than air. That was definitely a bright spot in its day.

...I'll stop now.

NAHTMMM 06-30-2010 09:44 PM

Awww, poor Vedra.


IJD: "...expertise on Deep Space Nine and Smallville."

Derek: It's just not fair.
Poor Derek.

Poor Scooter, for that matter. A pun and a quote one after the other like that, it was only right to fight back with Monty Python.

*giggles loudly at Sa'ar's scene*


I've even restarted the legendary Topic Title in celebration. Come join the party!
Gasp! Are you mad? :D The aftershocks alone might kill us all!

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