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Zeke 11-03-2004 08:03 AM

November 2: Election 2004 Top 10 Lists

It's here! It's huge! Welcome to 5MV's Election 2004 Top 10 Lists event! With this event, our Top 10 subsite reaches and surpasses -- way surpasses -- the 50 mark.

The origin of this event is one of my first T10 lists, The Top 10 Election 2000 Votes From the Voyager Crew. I didn't know much at all about politics back then, so I just came up with reasons that sounded funny. This had some unexpected side effects (Jim Wright nearly had a seizure when he saw that his beloved Janeway's vote was for Gore), but I think the lack of canvassing for either side helped the list's popularity, and it remains one of my favourites. So, now that another election is upon us, I decided to follow up that list with some Election 2004 character votes -- but this time doing multiple lists to cover the many series that have been added to 5MV in the last four years (i.e. everything but VOY). So I called up my homies, and this was the result.

Here are the thirteen Top 10 lists that make up this event:
<ul>[*]First off, the true sequel, Election 2004 Votes From Voyager by me. Whose party affiliations have changed? Whose have not? Will Harry die? Will Jim have another seizure? You'll have to click to find out.[*]Next up, the #50 milestone: Election 2004 Votes From Enterprise, again by me.[*]Our three other Trek subsites are up next, with Votes From TOS by IJD, Votes From TNG by Marc, and Votes From DS9 by Derek.[*]On to a tour of the non-Trek series covered at 5MV. First at bat is Votes From Andromeda by Tarn-Vedra, a name new at the site but familiar at the forums. Vedra's also written a full Andromeda fiver which you'll be seeing before long.[*]Next is Votes From Babylon 5 by our B5 specialist, Sa'ar Chasm.[*]We have two Doctor Who specialists, SCMoll and Scooter, so they collaborated on Votes From Doctor Who.[*]Next, another prominent forumgoer and author of two fivers, PointyHairedJedi, contributes Votes From Firefly.[*]Votes From Lord of the Rings comes your way courtesy of Kira, Site Manager and Two Towers master (mistress?). Kira was also a great help behind the scenes for this event.[*]Finally, three more lists by me round the event out. The first is Votes From Farscape. The second, and undoubtedly the least accessible on this list, is Votes From VVS8/9 -- that's right, 5MV still covers the Virtual Voyager seasons, and I haven't forgotten the part they play here. And finally, I had a few individual entries I didn't want to miss out on, but couldn't get whole lists out of either, so I bundled them into a miscellaneous list, Votes From Other Characters.[/list]But wait, there's more! This event features 5MV's very first Easter egg. Those of you who are into DVDs, videogames, or Homestar Runner will know what that means -- essentially, an Easter egg is a hidden bonus that the reader/user/viewer has to search for. In a videogame, you might have to walk through a wall that looks solid, or use an item in an unusual place. Online Easter eggs are easier -- you pretty much always find them by clicking on something that's not obviously clickable.

The Easter egg for this election event (say that five times fast) shouldn't be too hard to find. It's easy if you're thinking the right way. All I'll tell you is that the hidden "entrance" is on one of those Top 10 list pages. If you try for a while and still can't find it, email me for the answer -- or just watch the comment thread, because someone is bound to post the location once it's found.

Tomorrow, when the results of the election are (hopefully) in, I'll post some election wrapup here, including some interesting links. On the off chance that no one finds the Easter egg, I'll also post a hint. Meanwhile, there's one more item for tonight's looooong update: IJD's hit a small snag with his plan for a fiver to celebrate the release of TOS S2 on DVD, and it won't be ready for a while yet (should be up in at most a week). To tide you over, here's a preview scene:

Spock: Jim, why did you have to fall asleep in the middle of the mission drawing?
Kirk: I was tired! I had a.... busy night.
Spock: (sigh) We could've been sent to figure out the mystery of the pyramids! Or the strange disappearance of the Roanoke colony!
Kirk: I'm sorry! All right?
Spock: Geez, we didn't even get picked for "Who was buried in Grant's Tomb?"!
Kirk: Look, can we just focus on the mission at hand?
Scotty: We're mysteriously intercepting a transporter signal.
Kirk: There! Is that mysterious enough for you?
(A mysterious man with a mysterious cat materializes on the platform)
Mysterious Cat: Yo.
Spock: Fine, fine....

See you tomorrow, and good hunting!

Zeke 11-03-2004 08:06 AM

Additional note for forumgoers: if you find the Easter egg, by all means post that you've found it, but don't post the location till I say it's time. Let's give everyone a chance to find it themselves first.

Alexia 11-03-2004 09:17 AM

Hee Hee *has found it*

Awards self with pie :mrgreen:

Opium 11-03-2004 12:27 PM

A DS9 list was made by someone other than me?

*is confused*

Still hasn't found Easter Egg...hmmm, computery...

Very funny Top 10 Lists! :D

Chancellor Valium 11-03-2004 12:45 PM


Originally Posted by Zeke
We have two Doctor Who specialists, SCMoll and Scooter, so they collaborated on Votes From Doctor Who.

good one though.... :)

Zeke 11-03-2004 12:58 PM

Are you implying that I should have counted you? I was talking about regular 5MV contributors, not just forumgoers.

Derek 11-03-2004 01:03 PM


Scotty: Cobb. "He's green."

La Forge: Eisenhower ("Wait a second -- I think we've got some kind of temporal anomaly here....")
Nice one, Marc.

Mal: Nader. He may be on the losing side, but he's yet to be convinced it's the wrong one.
Nice use of Firefly quotes, PHJ.

Aragorn: Ballot invalidated. (What do you mean, he can't declare himself King?)

Oh, and I found the easter egg, though I cheated.

Chancellor Valium 11-03-2004 01:04 PM


Originally Posted by Zeke
Are you implying that I should have counted you? I was talking about regular 5MV contributors, not just forumgoers.

fair enough.

Zeke 11-03-2004 01:09 PM


Originally Posted by Derek
Oh, and I found the easter egg, though I cheated.


Of course, I would have too.

Chancellor Valium 11-03-2004 01:16 PM

What's the point of not cheating? I couldn't find it...:(

Zeke 11-03-2004 01:18 PM

Keep at it! It sounds like Alexia found it without cheating, and you can too. It's easier than you think it is -- you'll kick yourself when you find it.

Andy Taylor 11-03-2004 01:24 PM

Top 10 mania, I love it! And I found the easter egg!

But really all I'm posting for is to see if anyone worked out what the final vote tally was? And also if it could change the current result? :twisted:

Zeke 11-03-2004 01:26 PM

Ooo, I forgot I was gonna do that! It'll be part of today's wrap-up post.

Chancellor Valium 11-03-2004 01:31 PM

For Ohio?
Republicans:2,794,346 - 51%
Democrats: 2,658,125 - 48.5%

Now it's all up to Iowa and New Mexico's last precincts.......

Zeke 11-03-2004 01:33 PM

I think he meant for the Top 10 lists in this event, together.

[EDIT: I just noticed I forgot to put a disclaimer on the Easter egg. It's there now.]

Chancellor Valium 11-03-2004 01:39 PM


NAHTMMM 11-03-2004 02:14 PM


Tuvok: Bush (Kerry supporters quickly declared this an instance of Evil Tuvok)
Seven: Nader (She's wearing the green catsuit today)
Harry: Kerry (Did someone just commit suicide?)

DISCLAIMER: "Kes-berry" is a registered trademark of Ambassador Neelix, UFP, used with permission.
:D :D


Tucker: Buchanan, by mistake (he couldn't figure out the stupid ballot form)


Uhura: Peltier. "Hey, I just like the name of the party. 'Peace & Freedom'? Groovy."


La Forge: Eisenhower ("Wait a second -- I think we've got some kind of temporal anomaly here....")
Troi: Kerry ("I couldn't make up my mind until I found out that he can't either.")
Worf: Bush ("Do I look like a bleeding-heart liberal?")
:D A very funny list.


Dax: Nader. Dax wanted to vote for Bush; Jadzia wanted to vote for Kerry. (Don't ask.)
Nog: Tried voting in Australia's election instead.
Jake: Kerry. If his dad is voting for Bush, he's darn well voting for Kerry.
Dukat: Dukat (write-in)
Heheheheh :D


Andromeda: Bush (She doesn't really care, it's just to spite Rommie.)

DISCLAIMER: The Mighty Evil God voted to kill Brannon Braga by impaling him with Ken Biller's spine. She was ignored.
Hahahaha :mrgreen:


Lennier: Bush *peeks over Delenn's shoulder* Sorry, Kerry.
Kosh: Marked ballot with an ampersand. Vote discounted.
Heheheheh. Great list!


The Fifth Doctor: Tony Blair. (Anything else just wouldn't be cricket.)


Wash: Kerry. Mostly because he looks like Herman Munster. Man, that show was the best!


Gimli: Kerry. (The other two remind him too much of foliage.)
Sauron: Kerry. (He doesn't like the sound of Bush's "destroy the Axis of Evil" policy.)

DISCLAIMER: Rumour has it that the Dwarf-Lords got seven votes and the Elven-Kings only got three. Gerrymandering!


Scorpius: Kerry ("Your infantile obsession with Iraq is misplaced, George!")


Admiral Warhol: Whichever one is more likely to kill Janeway
Carl Grant: Kerry (Get it? Kerry Grant?)
Yes. Ouch. ;)


Khan: Kerry ("He taxes me. He taxes me, and I shall have him.")
Darth Vader: Kerry (He finds Bush's faith disturbing)
Lorne: Kerry (But not John Kerry -- his Southern cousin, Kerry Okie)
:D Another great list to round it out!

Alexia 11-03-2004 02:32 PM


Originally Posted by Zeke
Keep at it! It sounds like Alexia found it without cheating, and you can too. It's easier than you think it is -- you'll kick yourself when you find it.

That depends...what do you class as cheating :wink:

Oh and,

DISCLAIMER: Porthos was actually voting for Kerry (the cheesier of the two), but found it ruff to put into words.
*groan* :mrgreen:

Zeke 11-03-2004 03:01 PM


Originally Posted by Alexia
That depends...what do you class as cheating

I meant what I'm almost sure Derek meant: looking at the HTML. That's how I would do it... after hunting for a while the non-cheap way, that is.

Btw, someone remind me later to thank Xeroc in today's update. He helped me with the CSS for hiding this egg.

Hotaru 11-03-2004 03:08 PM

I found it! and I didn't cheat! Well, I cheated a little.

Great lists! I have too much to quote. Imagine it all here with smilies under each one.

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