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Zeke 12-18-2015 01:07 AM

December 17: 5MV
<p>Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Mario, once said "A late game can eventually be good, but a bad game is bad forever." I've always had the same philosophy with this site -- I'd rather take ridiculous amounts of time than settle for lousy results.
<p>But darn it, today's my birthday, and for once I'm giving myself a break. Here are two things I've been waiting for a big event to unveil.
<p>First is our new <a href="">Facebook page</a>. Because why not? It's pretty plain right now, but all the updates will be posted there and maybe other little stuff too.
<p>Second... oh man. You're gonna love this.
<p><b>You can call the site 5MV again.</b>
<p>See, a few months ago I had a revelation. I've never been happy with "", but I couldn't think of a better option. I joked in the <a href="">T100</a> list about buying a Venezuelan domain (and there's now a top-level .voyage domain, which would be even better), but all the Vs are either geographically restricted or too expensive.
<p>And then it hit me. I don't have to change the name or address of the site to change the <i>abbreviation</i> for it! I live in a world where SAT doesn't officially stand for anything and SHIELD keeps changing what it stands for and RWBY is pronounced "ruby"! I can have a site called and abbreviate it 5MV if I want! Am I sultan or am I sultan?
<p>A kind of peace came upon me with this decision. I feel really good about it. In fact, I've already been calling the site 5MV again at the forums, in PMs, and such. It rolls right off the fingers just like it used to.
<p>The time has come to share this peace with you. is officially 5MV for short.
<p>But make no mistake: it's <b>5</b>MV, <i>not</i> FMV. I will <i>hunt you down.</i>

NAHTMMM 12-18-2015 01:32 PM

Happy birthday! :)

evay 12-18-2015 08:01 PM

Happy belated! And 5MV it is. Huzzah!

Nate the Great 12-19-2015 01:08 AM

I wonder if we can come up with another word starting with "V" to replace the Voyager part, to keep accuracy.

Zeke 12-19-2015 02:26 AM

I've often considered that idea -- and so have you, interestingly enough. I think Marc may have been the first to suggest it, way back when I first started posting non-VOY content. Unfortunately, time hasn't helped me come up with a good V word. "Versions" is pretty much perfect definitionally, but it still doesn't quite feel right to me.

Nate the Great 12-19-2015 02:10 PM

I was bored enough to go to a word finder site.

Versions? Visions? Vigils?

Flying Gremlin 12-23-2015 09:39 PM

"Venison" would work, mostly because we all look like a deer in the headlights when something is posted.

Zeke 12-23-2015 09:51 PM


You're too new here for that level of sarcasm.

Flying Gremlin 12-23-2015 11:01 PM


Originally Posted by Zeke (Post 80396)

You're too new here for that level of sarcasm.

I work in tech support. It's what we do to stay more or less sane.

Nate the Great 12-26-2015 04:45 AM

I went to a more proper online dictionary...

varsal: whole; entire; universal--The whole thing in five minutes!
versiform: changing in form--From an episode/movie/book to a fiver!
vitiate: to impair the quality or spoil something--This one's obvious.

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