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Zeke 04-01-2007 08:25 PM

April 1
<p>You know that cancellation problem I was talking about yesterday? I've solved it -- by creating a monster. Welcome to <b>Zombie</b>!
<p>See, here's my reasoning. Shows that are cancelled are basically dead. Now if there's one thing I've learned from horror movies, it's that <i>any</i> idiot can bring back the dead, just not in any way they'll like. But that would be the case anyway, because what show would want to be resurrected on the internet instead of TV? It fits like a <i>glove</i>, I tell you.
<p>This is the answer to all our problems. When a good show is cancelled, we just bring it back as a zombie here at It gets a new lease on a shambling mockery of life, we get to watch it shamble, and if the occasional viewer's brain is eaten, we'll still be doing better than reality shows, right? Best of all, I already have a head start with the VVS8 and 9 fivers!
<p>So keep watching the front page, because more of those links will start lighting up. Until then, BRAAAAIIINS!

MaverickZer0 04-01-2007 08:59 PM

Not bad.

Though there are only special pics and no actual zombie fivers so far, this is an actual good idea.

How long's it going to last?

Zeke 04-01-2007 09:12 PM

Until its head is chopped off and its brain is destroyed, most likely.

By the way, are you suggesting that making up an evil clone of myself and having him make some irrelevant changes to the site, then taking two weeks to change it back, was a bad idea?

Hejira 04-01-2007 09:14 PM



MaverickZer0 04-01-2007 09:52 PM

No. It was a kind of funny idea. I'm not sure anyone takes Zuke seriously anymore, though. He chose a rather terrible day for his takeover.

Nate the Great 04-01-2007 11:25 PM

A very old comic from A Modest Destiny comes to mind. "Brain for eat, not for think." That's Zombie Bob for you.

It would've been nice to recruit some of the more established fivists to create a Zombie TOS fiver, a Zombie TNG fiver, and so on, though. Everyone as zombies!

AKAArzosah 04-02-2007 04:28 AM

Is 'brainth' even a word?

BTW Zeke, when my Mum has me committed you're paying the Loony Bin fees. She's giving me funny looks as I sit here laughing hysterically.

Sa'ar Chasm 04-02-2007 06:16 PM

Brain and brain, what is brain?

Nate the Great 04-02-2007 06:29 PM

I suppose that one was inevitable.

Sa'ar Chasm 04-02-2007 07:52 PM

I'm surprised it took that long.

Must have been kinetically unfavourable, despite being thermodynamically favourable.

Nate the Great 04-02-2007 10:16 PM

"Now, see, I understood that. Where did all those Saturday nights go?"
--Rodney McKay.

This has become my default response whenever someone starts into the technobabble and I don't get confused.

Zeke 04-02-2007 10:41 PM


Originally Posted by Sa'ar Chasm (Post 72866)
I'm surprised it took that long.

It didn't.

Sa'ar Chasm 04-02-2007 10:45 PM

I was on a bus April 1st. Leave me alone. :P

Nate the Great 04-02-2007 11:03 PM

What were you doing on a bus? Heading off to some tropical Spring Break destination?

Sa'ar Chasm 04-02-2007 11:12 PM

Coming home from a job interview at a college on the Lower Mainland. I haven't been a student since last fall (despite my student ID still technically being valid - I managed to score a student rate on the bus tickets).

Now I'm waiting for the phone to ring regarding the success of said interview.

*glares at phone*

Nate the Great 04-02-2007 11:16 PM

(Puts sunglasses on the phone to protect it from the glare)




PointyHairedJedi 04-03-2007 01:03 PM

Zombies, eh? It's not so bad I suppose - at the very least the tax situation is fantastic.

Nate the Great 04-03-2007 11:01 PM

Let me put on my bulletproof vest...

Okay, I'll bite. Tax situation?

Sa'ar Chasm 04-03-2007 11:23 PM

Spending a year dead for tax purposes.

*zaps I^2 with phaser in spot not covered by bullet-proof vest*

Nate the Great 04-04-2007 01:27 AM

Ah man! I missed the Hotblack Desiato reference? I'm ashamed. Just to clarify, that's not a joke. I really am!

I^2 is better than II, but seriously...are "NTG" or "Nate" absolutely impossible to type in basically the same amount of time?

Oh, and is there some combination of keys that will spit out an infinity symbol? You know, like umlouts or squiggly n's?

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