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DrWho42 09-11-2019 11:35 PM

FishCenter Live
does anyone watch fishcenter live on adult swim? it airs ever weekday at 1 PM PST/4 PM EST on the adult swim streams. i stumbled across it in 2017 and have been watching every episode since. :cool:

plus their chat is half the fun which the hosts read during the course of the show. my chat username even shows up on one of their merch. below is one of their more recent news stories from The Outline.

FishCenter Live is a strange, soothing show. It started as a way for Adult Swim employees to entertain themselves, and despite itself (“Of all the things to blow off, this is what we can’t blow off,” one host says after they consider leaving midway through a recent episode) has gained thousands of fans. It may be a bit confusing to outsiders, but there is entertainment in watching fish swim, eat, and play games. When many talk shows have become politically charged, it’s difficult to find a reprieve in the genre of “people talking about stuff.” Mine is FishCenter. Like a lot of Adult Swim shows, the presence of absurdist humor, poorly Photoshopped effects, and brightly colored tanks make FishCenter border on the avant-garde.

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