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These are a few of the acronyms and abbreviations in frequent use around here. You could call them Frequently Abbreviated Queues. You know, because the words are in a row and a row is sort of a queue and... oh, leave me alone.
5MV Five-Minute Voyager (the site or the subsite)
5MA Five-Minute Andromeda
5MD Five-Minute Deep Space Nine
5ME Five-Minute Enterprise
5MF Five-Minute Farscape
5MNG Five-Minute Next Generation
5MS Five-Minute Shakespeare
5MSF Sci-Fivers
5MST Five-Minute Star Trek
5MVG Five-Minute Videogames
T10 Top 10 Lists
TJI This Just In
5MSG Five-Minute Stargate
5MB Five-Minute Buffy
5M5V Five-Minute Fifth Voyager
subsite One of the twelve divisions that hold most of the site's content, each of which is structured like a site unto itself
exosite One of the three independent websites authorized to use 5MV's parody format
fiver "Five-minute" parody
multifiver A fiver with branching points at which the reader can choose one of several paths to follow (essentially a Choose Your Own Parody)
FBC Fiver By Committee, an ongoing project at the forums
ANDR or Drom Andromeda
B5 Babylon 5
BVS Buffy the Vampire Slayer
ENT Enterprise
FS Farscape
SF or sf science fiction
TAS The Animated Series
TOS The Original Series
TNG The Next Generation
VVS or VVSP Voyager Virtual Season Project
VVS8/9 Voyager Virtual Season 8/9
VOY Come on, nobody misunderstands this one
'ship a romantic relationship, canon or speculative, between two characters of an established series
shipper a fan of a particular 'ship
canon all the elements of a given series that have been shown onscreen or declared official by a source with authority
non-canon not canon, i.e. fan-created
fanfic fan fiction (stories written by fans which involve an established series' characters)
J/C or JetC Janeway/Chakotay (VOY)
P/T Paris/Torres (VOY)
D/7 Doctor/7 (VOY)
K/7 Kim/7 (VOY)
R/T Riker/Troi (TNG)
P/C or BonC Picard/Crusher (TNG)
O/K Odo/Kira (DS9)
J/A John/Aeryn (FS)
S/Z Stark/Zhaan (FS)
B/T Beka/Tyr (Drom)
soon not soon
Think another abbreviation should be on this list? Write to Zeke.

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